Wholesale Water Soluble CBD (Cannabidiol)


Wholesale Water Soluble CBD

In its natural form, CBD oil isn’t water soluble. Therefore, it must go through a specialized process in order to convert the CBD oil over into a water-soluble product. In its natural form, marijuana isn’t water soluble.

There are several new formulations of water soluble CBD available to use. Customizing your brand’s products to offer something unique and helpful to your clients has never been easier!

Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD Liquid

This formulation absorbs into the blood stream rapidly and its easy to mix into water or juice.

THC Free Water Soluble CBD Liquid

How to use water soluble cannabinoids?

When you receive your sample order of cannabinoids and try it for yourself, first thing I’m guessing you’ll notice is the strength of the formulation. The strength of the concentrate comes from its high bio-availability and the volume of CBD in the container.

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