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Terpineol Terpenes – Sources, Smell, Medicinal Applications

Terpineol is a terpene, which is a naturally occurring chemical that is found in cannabis along with 150 other plant species including lime blossoms, eucalyptus sap, lilacs, and pine trees. Along with linalool, myrcene, and limonene, terpene is a primary terpene of the cannabis plant.

Lilac Aroma

Terpineol might be naturally occurring but it is regularly synthesized for use by the food and cosmetics industries. Pinene is known for the pine scent as the name might suggest and is closely related to terpineol.

Terpenes, which are sometimes referred to as ‘fragrant essential oils’ have a primary function of creating aromas. From the evolutionary point of view, the offensive taste and smell of the terpene-rich plants serve to repel insects and animals that would otherwise feed on their flowers.

Terpineol produces a floral aroma that often resembles apple blossoms, citrus, clove, or even lilacs. It will also remind you of eucalyptus sap. In terms of flavor, terpineol tastes like anise and mint.

It is often hard to distinguish terpineol’s aroma in cannabis and other pinene-rich plants because of the fact that it is usually found with large quantities of pinene, which has quite a dominating scent that masks the lilac scent of terpineol.

Medical Applications

Terpenes have been found to possess a variety of medical uses in spite of the fact that their main role is to act as odor agents. The medical applications of terpineol range from cancer-fighting properties to treatment of depression to battling arthritis inflammation.

Terpineol has been found to be mildly sedative and relaxes users. It also acts as an antibiotic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and has even been found to be effective in the treatment of malaria. It even inhibits skin acne, which is great news for teenagers all over the world.

Terpineol Terpenes
Terpineol Terpenes

However, the most distinctive property of terpineol by far is the cancer-fighting ability by killing tumors. Several studies have revealed the cancer-fighting abilities of terpineol, which is most commonly found in a variety of cannabis strains and other terpineol-rich plants.

Studies Backing the Medical Applications

Antioxidant Properties

A study published in Phytotherapy Research back in August 2000 revealed that terpineol is actually a powerful antioxidant. The conclusion of the study was that terpineol was found to possess variable antioxidant activity when it was tested.

Anti-cancer Properties

A June 2010 research study that was published in Anticancer Research revealed that terpineol is an effective anti-cancer agent. The research study found that it can be particularly useful to patients that are suffering from small cell lung carcinoma.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

A study conducted in July 2016 and published in Chemical-Biological Interactions revealed that terpineol has the ability to reduce pain and inflammation. While the study involved mice only, researchers theorize that the prospective application of terpineol could be an effective treatment of fibromyalgia in human beings. The researchers, therefore, concluded that it is an effective anti-inflammatory treatment.

Final Thoughts

Terpineol is just one out of the numerous beneficial terpenes that are being currently studied to try and make use more natural medications for treating various serious illnesses. However, it has so far proven to be one of the most potent.

It is exciting to continue seeing the scientific community support research cannabinoids and plant-based treatments over pharmaceuticals. The only hurdle remaining is getting the DEA and FDA behind the science so that the general public will know all about this exciting information as well as have safe access to alternative natural therapies that are effective in the treatment of various medical conditions.