Wholesale Pulegone Terpenes – A Natural Insecticide


Today we will talk about terpenes and what they are, as well as what they can be used for. The first thing we will mention about this compound is that terpenes are strong-smelling and bear different flavors. When we think of the cannabis plant this is the compound that makes it smell like a skunk. The same is true for grapefruit and diesel fuel. Terpenes do much more than produce smells, however. The terpenes in the cannabis plant, for example, repel plant-eating predators. They also attract pollinators such as honey bees.

This compound has recently been proven to be toxic to rats in large amounts. Pulegone is also a very powerful insecticide, and it is the strongest among the mint family as a matter of fact. It also contains strong antibacterial properties and can be used for many reasons around the house. There are strong concentrations of this particular terpene in the rosemary herb as well as cannabis. It is, therefore, no wonder why this organic compound is so widely used in a variety of different industries today.

The consumption of this organic compound is a great way to treat stress and anxiety. They work to break down the nerve fibers that relay stress without damaging them. One point about this compound is that in smaller amounts it can be very beneficial to the body, but at higher levels, it is the exact opposite. This is a highly sought-after compound for many applications today, one of which being the treatment of pests such as the cockroach. For example, basil leaves will repel the insects and make them unable to breed. This is a highly effective use of these terpenes to help you if you may have a pest problem within your home.

In conclusion, pulegone terpenes are used all over the world in everyday life, and ironically, most people don’t even realize it. If this topic interests you and you would like to learn more about this organic compound, we suggest doing some further research. You will be pleasantly surprised to find how many uses of these compounds there really are. A great place to check these topics out online are YouTube and Wikipedia. Both of these sites offer extensive information and more on their platforms. We hope you enjoyed this article and that it can help you in the right direction in further understanding pulegone terpenes.