Top 5 Highest ROI – Wholesale CBD Products?

We spoke with Stewart Frank, a cannabis consultant at Global Cannabinoids – a global B2B CBD Distribution company. When you’re finished reading, you’ll know the top 5 highest ROI producing products.

“It all started with twenty hemp plants placed into the soil here at La Junta, Colorado.” Stewart said. “We do nothing unnatural to our plants. They are all grown organically, just as nature intended! We use no pesticides, and we add no nutrients into the soil. They only receive 3 things; water, sunlight, and hailstorms!” he chuckled as we observed what seemed to be miles upon miles hemp fields.

Now, organically grown hemp plants are the fundamental element of extracting CBD. You may be thinking that CBD is also in other Cannabis plants as well, and you’re exactly right! But the percentage of CBD in Global Cannabinoids’ hemp plants are much higher than in your average cannabis plant. The amount of cannabidiol in this genetically superior strain of hemp is unknown except to a few people. Something we can all agree on though is that 100 tons of Hemp with 5% CBD will produce much less than 100 tons of hemp with 10% CBD!

Top 5 Highest ROI - Wholesale CBD Products?So why does all this matter to you, as a prospective purchaser of cannabidiol? Well, let’s imagine we have two companies; Company A and Company B and they each have a 10-acre lot of land.

Company A collects 50 Kilograms of CBD

Company B Collects 100 Kilograms of CBD

Here are a few questions to consider.

Who has more CBD for sale?

Which company can afford to sell CBD for cheaper and get less of a profit per kilogram, because they have more to sell?

Company B of course!

Now as this pattern continues over time, company B will probably expand its facility to meet the large global demand and drive the cost of CBD lower than their competitors.

When it comes to sourcing product for our product lines, a single factor seems to loom over us which is…

Who can make the highest quality product at the least expense?

The Top 5 Highest ROI CBD Product Investments

Wholesale CBD Pills

Wholesale CBD Gummies

Wholesale CBD Tinctures

Wholesale CBD Salves

5. Wholesale CBD Vape