Wholesale CBD Pill Vendors – Don’t Buy Until You Read This


 A Wholesale Buyers Guide For CBD Capsules

One of the most widely sought after products in the marketplace is Bulk CBD pills and softgels. Companies usually obtain their extracts from “Medicinal Hemp” which is naturally high in CBD. These soft gels can genuinely pack a punch when it comes to their anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, and anti-epileptic, and pain reducing effects.

Wholesale purchasers should be on the lookout for a manufacturer that provides an extraordinary product. Why? Because purchasing a low-quality grade of cannabidiol to resell to your customers may result in an injury to your brand’s reputation.

Maintain your brand’s reputation by following these steps to finding a quality product for your customers.

CBD Softjels
Bulk CBD Pills
  • High Bio-availability – Entourage Nutritional has produced a water-soluble CBD formulation that has 3.5x higher absorption rate than standard CBD extract.
  • Full-Extract – A wide range of phytocannabinoids in each pill will provide more health benefits than a single isolated cannabinoid.
  • Request 3rd party lab results to verify the cannabinoid levels of the product.
  • Use a CBD manufacturer that maintains organic farming practices.

Thanks to social culture moving forward from past decades, the law is becoming more accepting of cannabis products. Cannabidiol is available to purchase in all 50 states and many countries worldwide.

One of the most widely sought after products in the marketplace is CBD pills and softgels. Cannabidiol is derived from medicinal hemp that has the anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, and anti-epileptic effects.

Avoid These Things

  • Heavy Metals In Lab Test Results
  • Hemp Grown With Pesticides
  • Non-Transparent companies


Dosage For CBD Pills

In general, CBD pills will have dosage instructions on the packaging. We recommend that customers use the dosage recommended by their healthcare provider.

With that being said, Entourage produces both 10mg and 25mg softgels made with a patent-pending water-soluble formulation, we definitely recommend that you contact them for samples.

Ultimately, anyone who has chronic pain or anxiety could make great use of CBD pills. While they’re no substitution for professional medical help and medication, they can help ease the aches and pains that occur with existing conditions.