Terpene Camphene – Why Are Wholesale Buyers Craving This Extract?


Camphene is an extract from plants that many researchers are investigating for its effectiveness in treating cardiovascular diseases. They typically have a very strong smell that would remind a person of pine needles or a damp forest. The most important study to date is the helpful elimination of triglycerides in the blood. These are the compounds that are related to cholesterol and can have a major impact on heart disease.

Using Terpene Camphene to help reduce triglycerides and serum cholesterol is just one of the many studies underway now and many people are already taking advantage of this particular compound.

There Are Artificial Lipid Lowering Agents

There are plenty of statins being prescribed by doctors all around the world and they do seem to be having a beneficial effect since death from many forms of heart disease is dropping. However, these drugs come with many side-effects and plenty of bad press for being artificially produced. There are a growing number of people that would prefer their medications come from natural plant-based origins instead of being totally man-made.

The side effects of statins include liver damage, intestinal problems, and muscle inflammation as well, so many people that can’t tolerate those types of drugs are looking for natural alternatives. It’s possible some type of Camphene will be the answer.

There Are Camphenes In Many Essential Oils Of Various Levels

Camphenes are found in such oils as camphor oil, turpentine, ginger oil, cannabis oil, and citronella oil as well. Some of these are edible while others are toxic and care must be taken to make sure that one does not consume any mixture that contains poisons. Each different oil can have different effects, some wanted and others not wanted.

The basic Camphene is made up of white crystals and will always have a very strong odor that is unmistakable. It can be a strong irritant to the nose too, so care must be taken not to smell too strong of a dose at any one time. It can also be an irritant to the throat, eyes, and lungs as well. It is easily dissolved in many organic solvents at regular room temperatures and can be vaporized in some types of vaporizer machines. In that use only certain Camphenes should be used and only in the proper dosages.

In smaller amounts it’s used as a food additive and fragrance in many consumable products and perfumes. It has irritant effects on insects and can repel them or kill them depending on the strength used. Nearly all Camphenes have anti-fungal properties where they can kill mold, mildew, athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch, and some types of dandruff. Many of them can also kill bacteria and viruses on contact so they’ve been used for many years to heal wounds before modern medications were invented.

There Are Many Beneficial Terpenes In Cannabis Oils

The terpenes are typically found in the unfertilized female cannabis plants in high concentrations.  The extract can be had by using the steam distillation method and this is a common way of getting the essential oil out of the plant material. The oil itself is not a hallucinogen like the THC that most people are aware of and has many medicinal properties such as anti-depressant, mood lifting, anti-nausea for chemotherapy patients, and many other properties still being studied.

While the many Camphenes in the plant world are largely unstudied, there are quite a number of them that have beneficial uses for humans, which is why people are buying them for great wholesale prices and creating product formulations to sell to the masses. There is still plenty of research that needs to be done and scientists are working in labs worldwide to discover all of the many properties of this class of natural chemicals.