What Are The Terpenes In Cannabis?

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Have you heard of the term “terpenes”? Terpenes are a massive and diverse class of organic compounds. They are produced by a wide variety of plants, the essential oil found particularly in conifers and citrus trees, and some insects, such as termites or swallowtail butterflies that release terpenes from their osmeterium. In this article, we will look at the terpenes in marijuana.

If you take a look at any medical marijuana dispensary, you will find yourself easily seeing over 20 different kinds of medical products. The names of these medical products will sound as crazy as it is. For example, Purple Haze, OG Kush, Northern Lights, White Widow, Bubba Kush, and Sour Diesel. They seem to represent an alternative rock band name.

Most medical marijuana products are similar in quality. Unfortunately, there are no existing established guidelines or laboratories that perform quality control checks on the various marijuana strains. When patients buy the same product between various dispensaries, they cannot be assured that it would be the same thing.

In marijuana, there are two general strains. It is known as indica and sativa. At present time, most of the finished products come from the combination of both strains.

Sativa blends are generally sweet. They have floral aromas. They are said to be inspirational and energizing. They can be of great help to separate the mind from the pain.

On the other hand, Indica blends have a dry and skunk-like odor. They are used to help relax, sedate, and relieve stress and pain. According to patients, these blends work well together with pain medications to alleviate chronic pain.

Oftentimes, they think that the various kinds of blends work differently due to the different ratios of cannabinoids present in each blend. Cannabinoids are a group of active compounds found in cannabis. They are the mind-altering components.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly known as THC, is the most famous among all the types of cannabinoids. It is responsible for euphoric high. According to research, THC is the most predominant cannabinoid in all varieties.

Inside the essential oils of plants is where you will find terpenes. These are the molecules responsible for odor. Aromatherapy makes use of these essential oils as they have been found to modulate a person’s brain function and mood.

According to researchers, terpenes have a huge effect on how cannabis works on the body. They have given credibility to this belief. In this light, if you know what a variety smells like then you can predict how it will act on your body.

Myrcene is the most common terpene which can be found in marijuana. It is mango in quality. It has an earthy, fruity, and citrus property. This terpene is a strong antibiotic.

Myrcene can be used as an anti-inflammatory and help relieve pain. It works best with THC. This combination helps in decreasing depression and elevating mood by allowing more THC to get into the brain.

Another example of a terpene is Beta-caryophyllene. It has a peppery smell. It has pain relief qualities but lacks effect on mental health. Therefore, it is not considered as psychoactive.

Pinene is another terpene. It is a major component of turpentine. It has a piney odor. It has been shown to help with focus, self-satisfaction, and memory.

In addition, Terpenol is another example. It has a floral scent with hints of orange blossom. It has a significant sedative effect. Thus, it is great for those with sleeping problems.

If you want to stay alert, Pulgone will surely get the job done. It helps slow down the destruction of memory transfer proteins. There are also other terpenes that can help you improve your memory.

As more research is performed, the different varieties of terpene will be unraveled. Hopefully, its effects on the body will become more apparent. This will help patients more effectively whenever they receive treatment for their disease.